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The online procedure consists of three steps, which can occur at different times prior to June 8, 2012. For practical reasons and in order to simplify the logistics, our team would prefer if these three steps were to be completed in a short period of time. Here they are:

  1. the candidate submits personal information including an alphanumeric identifying mark of three letters and four numbers of her/his choice (i.e., ARK5698)
  2. the website redirects the candidate to step 2 and then to Paypal for processing the application fee
  3. after the submission fee is complete, Paypal redirects the candidate to step 3 and additional details are provided. At this time the candidate must E-mail the composition (PDF) and an MP3 file of the work (not mandatory) to <>. Remember: the composer's name must not appear in the submitted materials by E-mail (please check the title page as well as all other pages and make sure the name is not printed in the copyright details). The composer name must only appear in the E-mail body along with the identifying code which was established during step 1. Only the composer's own identifying mark should be visible on the actual file submitted by E-mail (PDF and MP3 files). No personal name should appear in any MP3 file and PDF score (again, please do not forget to investigate other parts of your score such as copyrights with your name, etc.). Failure to abide by this rule will preclude the submitted composition to be presented to the adjudicators, the applicant shall be disqualified and no refund of the application fee shall be returned. As mentioned before, it is allowed to send MP3 files with recordings of the compositions. If the files are larger than 4 megabytes please compress them with .ZIP prior to sending them. MP3 files stored on the candate server or on his/her website for online listening will not be accepted since they violate the anonymity of the submission process.
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