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By clicking on the radio button, I am aware that the identity of the international adjudicators will be kept confidential throughout the various phases of the competition. I also acknowledge that submissions that are incomplete or that do not conform to all of the rules and guidelines described in the website will not be considered under any circumstance and no return for the application fee(s) will be given. I also hereby acknowledge that all the rule pertaining to Musica Domani International Prize have been made available to me via website and furthermore I am aware that the adjudicators' decisions are final and no appeal shall be made. The check marked radio button above constitutes my electronic agreement of the above.
No materials will be returned to me after submission. I am not submitting and original score--only a copy of it. I acknowledge that all my submitted materials will remain on file and I will make no claim of any kind on the submitted materials. If any printed materials (required in the final round) need to be returned to me, I will send them in a self-addressed and stamped envelope and request that they be returned to me. All winners' scores and parts WILL NOT BE RETURNED. The check marked radio button above constitutes my electronic agreement of the above.
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